Wednesday, July 29, 2009

101 Ways to Ruin Your Perfectly Good Diet

All 101 ways is basically just one way...done 101 different times. I don't know if anyone but me and my bulging belly are aware but Cold Stone Creamery has just paired up in a test branding project with Tim Hortons. So that means that some of the most delicious ice cream flavours are now available with Canada's favorite coffee. Ice cream AND coffee...gross. I hate coffee. HOWEVER, I do love tea...they should make a tea flavoured ice cream! OOH a green tea flavoured ice cream. I'm going to patent that shit up.

Anyway...for those of you who dont know, who havent seen me in 7 months, or who are just plain oblivious to these things I have dropped 70 lbs. Which is, not to toot my own horn, fucking impressive (toot toot). But then this little duo comes along and threatens to ruin it all to hell.

Now, it wouldn't be so bad if it was something that was hard for me to get to. That's why I haven't been to Dutch Dreams for their - oh so delicious - peanut butter cookie yogurt. Its just too far...and I'm too lazy....and I figure if I have to go THAT far out of the way to get it then I'm really breaking diet and I have only myself to blame.

But - the Cold Stone/Tim's...where are they? Oh only 5 blocks from my house. Who the fuck puts a pilot project on the Danforth!? WHO puts anything on the Danforth but greek people?? Seriously, why wouldn't a location like this be down by Dundas square or perhaps even Queen Street? It's like the company sought this location to purposely fuck with me.

That being said, I've been there like 3 times since I found out about it...which is pretty good all considering that eating the Birthday Cake Remix flavour (above) is like having a cake orgasm in my mouth. Delicious. It will RUIN me.
And take a look at this peanut butter maple fudge white chocolate infusion. Yea I know you want it. You know how I know? Because I wanted it so much I was willing to throw it up and eat it again it was THAT good.

So all in all Cold Stone/Tim's - good on you. Very successful. I'll have to say that this is probably the best pairing since bacon and maple syrup, black and white (me!), but not Storm and Black Panther - that's just a fucking disaster.


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