Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Always Talk To Strangers

Can I tell you how much I love Omegle? It's this awesome little website that allows you to talk to total strangers anywhere in the world (but mostly from the states). Some people are sports. Some just disconnect on you the minute you type "crotchmonkey" but I guess its all about personal preference. Here are some convo's I had tonight!

Stranger: ass through nuts.
You: ....
You: well thats random
Stranger: wow.
Stranger: this is awkward.
You: more for me though
Stranger: was it?
You: a little
Stranger: i felt PREEETTTY awkward.
You: its okay i thrive on awkward
Stranger: i think you're an awkward size queen.
Stranger: like
You: gasp...how did you know!?
Stranger: well.
Stranger: i can't come up w anything witty.
Stranger: : i'd suck at who's line is it anyway.
You: one liners are the life blood of this world
You: if you dont have them you have...nothing
Stranger: i agree.
Stranger: i like you stranger.
Stranger: I like the way you move.
You: i do too! i'm pretty fluid
You: i should be on that show so you think you can dance but i'm too damn good and i'd win too easy
You: i like a challenge
Stranger: alright there "go getter"
You: whats a chicken select?
Stranger: what are you canadian?
You: is that like....squished out chicken?
You: noo....(hides canadian flag)
Stranger: no it's the chicken fingers u get at mcdonalds...the long dry ones, lol
You: ooooooooooh. i dont eat mcdonalds
Stranger: neither do i
You: that secret sauce is mostly urine
Stranger: that's awesome
You: never trust a smiling mcdonalds employee
Stranger: i love canada
Stranger: i've never been
You: you should
Stranger: but i love hockey
Stranger: LOVE IT!!!
You: i actually know nothing about hockey
Stranger: wow.
You: thats a common misconception about canadians
You: yea ...i know the montreal canadians...and the toronto maple leafs
You: and the mighty ducks cause of the movies...thats about it
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: are u a girl?
You: what cause i dont know hockey i'm a girl?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i'm just asking
You: i think thats what you were implying
Stranger: bc if you're canadian
Stranger: and you don't know hockey
Stranger: you're either a girl or a 3 year old boy.
Stranger: and you're typing pretty fast.
You: well you're american...do you know "marrying your cousin"?
You: i win


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