Sunday, March 14, 2010

No James Cameron - No

Okay seriously - do we really need to have Avatar re-released with additional footage in theatres? No. Why not just re-release Pocahontas in Imax with a blue filter? Okay fine I promise not go to on this time.

Anyway - Cameron thinks it'll be good ol fun (read: I NEEDS MOAR MONEY) to re-release Avatar with cutting-room floor footage because the original 162-minute original release just wasn't long enough.

"James Cameron and Fox are in discussions about re-releasing "Avatar," primarily in 3D theaters, in late summer -- and, tantalizingly, with additional scenes that had been left on the cutting-room floor in the rush to ready the epic for its Dec. 18 release. "

Okay, so what is really gonna be there to see except for the sex scene that has you all a flutter? You know who you are. Dirty birds. Let me just say - if we have learned anything from "extras" on the DVD: deleted scenes were deleted for a REASON. Cause they suck. Please stop giving this man money. In fact just go see Hurt Locker and create some sort of new culture based on that so that we're really sticking it to him. Cause lets face it, this shit needs to stop:


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