Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mmmmm…suitable alternatives…

If you’re not a daredevil willing to go to great heights to reach a giant Cadbury egg (read: if you’re a pansy) then this may just do you: Cadbury Crème Egg Ice Cream!!! Basically you chop up a crème egg, throw some milk and some cream into a bowl with sugar (YES MORE SUGAR!!), cocoa, and a wee bit of salt. Throw that amazing concoction into the freezer and BOOM ice-creamy goodness. Or you can just do what I do and stuff 3 crème eggs into your mouth while no one is looking. Okay, so it’s not ice cream but I figure it’s the fastest route to my belly. I’m not too keen on the whole process of mixing and freezing and waiting. It just takes up too much precious eating time!


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