Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twilight Fans Just Got Sadder...

I think this may turn into some sort of angst-ridden tween girl jihad! Apparently diehard Twilight fans (Twihards) are now waging war against non-bad dialogue vampire loving people (Anti’s) for talking smack about their beloved series. Now, there’s a discussion board collecting the cases of Twihards verbally attacking Anti’s with various objects, weapons and sexual harassment (no I’m not joking).

Now, I know what it’s like to be a diehard fan of a vampire series, that I can relate to – declaring all out bitch-slappin’ war on those who didn’t agree with me, that may be a little too far up the ladder of crazy. Ways to recognize if your teen daughter, sister, or YOU (Jenn P) is completely insane and participating in internet ranting, eventually leading to the need for an intervention:

1)They spend too much time on the Twilightsucks discussion forum posting things like: THEIR LOVE IS A TRUE AND PURE LOVE!!!

2)They get really REALLY angry when they read a comment like “LOLZ. Robert Pattinson is hella lamez” and feel the need to “sit on someone’s throat while beating their lower half with a bat”

3)They clutch their Twilight book to their chest and scream “You don’t know ANYTHING about literature!!!” when you say “I didn’t really dig the book”

4)They start throwing real rocks at you…instead of harmless internet ones…c’mon people! I’m just trying to surf the net here!


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