Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh I see...virtural killing is only wrong when its babies

Apple has "rethought" the decision to allow an iPhone application that lets you shake a baby to death to quiet its crying. the "Baby Shaker" was released on Monday for 99c and shows pictures of babies crying and a stopwatch. So you shake the iPhone to get the baby to stop crying in record time and the baby ends up with little "x's" in its eyes, I guess to signify death.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I mean...shaking babies is wrong. But is shaking virtual babies wrong? Isn't that the same argument as saying that killing people is wrong and yet whenever a new Grand Theft Auto comes out it sells a zillion copies!? See, shaking babies is wrong, but beating hookers to death with a bat? Thats just entertainment!

Or is it that its just plain too accessible? Baby shaking at your fingertips!

Perhaps this is really to stop people from ACTUALLY shaking their babies, like a stress reliever? Either way, how these - and other apps like "beer goggles" and "virtual boobies" get through the Apple filter is beyond me. And why I don't have an iPhone in order to dl these when they're released and play them is also a mystery! What? I'm okay with being a testing ground.

Video of the app in action (its actually really poorly designed. I mean, if you're gonna kill babies at least make it more entertaining than a black and white image) after the jump.

Baby killaz!


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